My Bookshelf Tour!

a video tour… Hi there again! It’s Benjamin from Benjamin’s Writings. I’ll keep this post short – the video includes just about everything. I’m kind of using this blog as a stepping stone to focusing on my hobbies, and starting a YouTube channel based around writing and reading books (sometimes referred to as a BookTuber) … More My Bookshelf Tour!

My Writing Spots

a podcast This blog post is going to be a little bit different. This time, I’ll be talking about a couple of my favourite spots to go when writing. Obviously, when inspiration strikes, location and environment often doesn’t matter. You just whip out your notebook or laptop and suddenly you’re on fire and not a … More My Writing Spots


a creative piece I’ve been in a flurry of emotions; a flood of angst-filled waves; all consuming. It’s been just short of two weeks – thirteen days – since I have moved up North. I already have “boy troubles”. I hate it. Truly, I despise it. But I wouldn’t swap it for anything in the … More Him.

one look

a creative piece HOW IS IT THAT ONE encounter with you can decimate me for an entire day? I saw you before then. I was sitting down with my friends at Burger Urge during our hour break between classes. It was after one in the afternoon. I was sure I wouldn’t run into you; none … More one look